Wall Stickers – Pimping that Wall with Creativity

So you got a boring white wall, but haven’t got the time to transform it to something more exciting. Your wall may need some pimping to get you to have a good, refreshing, and even relaxing time whenever you look at your designs.

If you’re not the artistic kind of person who can paint his own wall without the help of an expert, there is no need to worry KApossumphotosmabout; wall stickers can help you achieve that – your easy and innovative way to transform that white wall to something else according to your own creative liking.

Imagine your wall stickers as large-sized versions of peel and stick decors that you can embed on any flat surface – on your wall, cabinets, or even refrigerator. And, compared to those ultra-small stickers you buy from the bookstore, wall stickers are so carefully made not only to provide visual aesthetics but likewise durable yet easy-to-apply and remove decorations. They are made typically from ultra-thin matte vinyl film and usually can last up to 4-5 years with proper care. The product’s adhesive part is made with a special formula that leaves no residue when removed.

The application and removal of wall stickers are so easy that you don’t need any technical skill to do it. The product, when bought, comes with its own set of instructions and plastic squeezer to eliminate bubbles.


First and foremost, you must have a clean wall or surface before sticking the decor. Otherwise, you may just be sticking the kacowcanvassmproduct on the dust present on your wall. That would mean your decor wouldn’t last long as you thought it would. Once the dust gets off the wall, so does your sticker. And you wouldn’t want that, right? Dust can weaken the strength of the adhesives on the wall stickers.

Next, place your wall stickers and plan the layout. If you want your wall designs to be thematic, you will need more than one set of stickers, then plan out how you want your wall to look like or how the stickers would be placed accordingly. Arrange the stickers and position them however you want. You may want to use balancing tools such as a level to fix awkwardly angled stickers. Apply firmly and evenly with a squeezer, if provided, or your hands, to avoid as much bubbles as you can.

kaPlatypusphotosmNow, gently peel off the transfer paper. If you’re set to go, then slowly peel away the transfer paper. Start from one end and gently make your way through the opposite side. After the transfer paper is removed, bubbles may still occur. Pop these up with a tack until all airy bubbles disappear, and use your thumb to smooth out the left surface.

Take a photo of it and post it on Facebook. Congratulations! You’ve transformed your wall into something else. With wall stickers, bringing the universe or conjuring a Mirage of the Sahara on your wall won’t be that costly in terms of cash and time. Why not post a photo of your plain-wall-turned-forest-of-imagination on your Facebook page so that your friends can discover the same benefits you have experienced with wall stickers?


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