Wall Stickers as Home Decors

Home decorating is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a homely atmosphere. Wall stickers have now become part of the decorating agenda as they are much easier to install and much cheaper than wallpapers. Wall wallcraft-jungle-treestickers are good for design in both kids and adults’ rooms. These wall stickers can even be a source of learning for children who are of school age. There are several educational designs of wall stickers that parents can choose from. Alphabet and number designs are a great way to ready kids before school starts.

For busy people, the workplace, whether at home or in the office, can be designed in a calming blue ocean design or a cool green for nature design. Depending on the environment and the activities done in a certain area of the house of office, the right selection of wall stickers is very essential. Stickers are designed in several stylish ways which depicts different personalities so choosing a wall sticker design well should not be taken for granted.

You can always choose to change your wall decals regularly. If you want to change them every season to match the season or every event, do so as long as you are able. There are wall stickers that are washable. If you do not want the design anymore, you can simply wash them off and install a new wall decal of your choosing.

Wall stickers or wall decals come in gloss or matte. By choosing decals with a matte finish, you will achieve a hand painted “mural” type look on your wall. For gloss finish, this looks more formal and office-like. So if you want fun and diversity, choose matte finish. If you want a respectable place and executive look in your office, install a gloss finish wall sticker.

wallcraft2In choosing the right wall stickers or wall decals for your room or for your whole house, you do not only look at the gloss and matte finish but also at the color and graphics grafted on the stickers. Select colors that would complement your style and your current home design so you do not have to change everything. If you are unsure, you can choose neutral colors.

Wall stickers do not have to differ in color to look great. You can do a mix and match of colors. You can also use same color schemes. They can look great and even creative if placed on the right wall or surface. Decals with words on them can be very inspiring or maybe fancy but can serve as guides at times. Examples would be putting wall decals with the word “eat” at the back of a chair or maybe a wall decal with the word “drink” on a drinking station’s surface. These are just some examples and there are surely a lot more. Aside from serving as signs, they also serve as designs.

Wall stickers can also be used as designs on cars, motorcycles, and any type of vehicle so long as they match the color, design, and lifestyle of the owner. Peel off stickers is great if you do not mean to stick them into one place. There are stickers with very tight adhesives that can be permanently installed and there are those which can be removed and transferred as necessary.


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