Perfect Nappy Bags for All Occasions

The worst case scenario for all mums and dads out there who are bringing along with them their young tots and babies is when they do not have any emergency extra diapers, pacifier, or clothings in cases where they might pee, poo or might have their usual tantrums. It is even more disappointing and frustrating that you might not even have any further choice but to just go home so your young one may finally feel settled and comfortable. It is therefore a good thing that nappy bags have been created to soothe this dilemma. But of course, you have to sensibly be able to fully utilize it so you will not be having those unplanned baby mishaps in the future.

A nappy bag is commonly an over the shoulder type of bag which is designed to keep all the basic necessities of our little il-tuttoone when you are going out on a trip or any event away from home. Because of its function, it is engineered to have many pockets and containers so it contains the right amount of spaces for those baby and toddler handy tools and gears. The reason why it is a shoulder type of bag is because it allows you to have your free hands to carry your little one and at the same time, it is also meant to not cause you severe back pains.

The typical contents of nappy bags would include the following. This guide is hence helpful for you and your kid’s outdoor activity.


This is the most common problem faced by moms whenever they bring along with them their kid in any out of the home activity. There is no telling when your baby will urinate or “poo”. In fact, if not properly anticipated, you baby will reach a tantrum stage which might ruin your activity. Thus, it is best that you have extra diapers for such events, probably at around three to five extra pieces. It is much better to bring along excesses as compared to having shortages.

Change pads

These are used best when a comfort room or restroom does not have a suitable space or a proper surface area for moms to do a diaper change for their baby since this is mostly the case. It is even all the more not ideal to have a diaper change on your baby right on the ground. Thus, it would very much help to have a changing mat or pad so you can place your baby on it for a diaper change. Change pads may either be reusable or disposable.

Wet Wipes

Kids can be messy eaters and players. They may wander about while playing or soil their hands from oily and wet foods. A most convenient way to alleviate this problem is by bringing along your wet wipes so you can instantly wash off the dirt and grime off your baby’s hands, arms, or feet. This is suitable especially in time where you cannot find clean running water nearby.


As reiterated, kids do a whole lot of mess whenever they eat. As much as you would try to provide them with foods that are less likely to stain or soil, there will always come to a point when their mouth and face will literally be filled with food remains. Sometimes, this will even cause you a hard time washing their cloths because of the hard stain on them. Bibs are the best way to deal with this kind of situation.


You cannot have too many extra feeding bottles! Most babies are very much prone to constantly drinking their milk that vanchiyou might run out of it while you are still away from your home. Always bring at least 2 extra bottles.

Breast/Infant milk formula

You can place them in a compact container available in any baby outlet stores.

Bottled water

Sometimes, your kid would prefer to drink water instead of milk. Especially during those hot summer weather, it is always advisable to bring along a bottled water for your baby to avoid dehydration.

Healthy Snacks

Babies do crave for some quick munch once in a while. You can have dried mangoes or carrot sticks for your baby.


Keep your baby entertained. Toys are an ideal way for them to pass the time especially when they feel bored.


You can never know when your little one would sleep so if you think he is about to yawn and drop down; thank yourself for bringing along a blanket for his sleeping needs.

Extra baby clothing

This is ideal whenever your kid has soiled or stained his clothing from intense playing or from messy eating.


If your baby is in a bad tantrum, soothe him with a pacifier.

It is amazing how many things you are able to stuff in your nappy bag and how convenient this is for your baby. You’ll never go wrong to be always one step ahead and very much planned for that outdoor activity with your baby.


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